Waiting…playing… being

Wait in the moment of your future state, the person you want to be. Guess what you can be it now, only if you choose and you decide to change your current self concept of yourself. The self concept that you are a certain type of person doing certain things, unless you are happy about how you are right now. It all depends how you feel in this moment.

You don’t have to struggle to make a change, you can enter the zero zone of creativity where everything gets created from pure consciousness. Becoming one with the zero zone, and then when you let go of your current concept, you can choose to be anything and anyone you want. You just choose the experience, and live it out in feeling.

You don’t do it so you manifest something in the future, you don’t do it to act as if because you aren’t fooling anybody when you do that. You do it because you want to experience the reality now, to feel good and the more you stay in the state without trying anything the more you become one with it.

Your current reality will take a while to transform, and some situations will come up to try and bring you back to your old self, but do not fall for them. Know that you have made a change, a new order and do not react emotionally to anything that’s happening that doesn’t agree with your new version of events.

So this is how you play the game. You can call it whatever you want, law of attraction, mindset or you are what you attract. They all mean the same thing, it’s all about aligning with your new reality by being someone who experienced it naturally.

You take on the habits of the person you want to emulate without force, without massive effort. There is no resistance once you just choose to become the new person with your change in self concept. The trick is making the self concept change to your ideal reality.

Do not let reality make you confirm to its story, don’t forget you are the storyteller. The story teller is always the one who is in control, who can make changes.

Be one that changes the story from negative to positive, see the good things that can happen and take action on making them happen. Your self concept will make taking action seem almost effortless.



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