Time doesn’t care!

Time is speeding up. It leaves no one behind, you make your plans but time will keep on running. It won’t be waiting because it just doesn’t care, it works it’s own schedule. Sometimes it appears slow, sometimes fast.

It all depends how you view it… are you enjoying it? If not time will slow down, and one minute will feel like a agonising hour. And if you choose to enjoy it, watch out because it will fly by and you will wonder where has the time gone?

Sometimes you look back and wonder who is this person staring back at you in your photos? Is he a paid actor? What is he thinking and how can I relieve one moment and forget the next? You have to take both with you and learn from both.

Every moment is precious and you wish you could relieve it now, would you make a different choice? What you don’t realise you will remember this moment right now in the future! You will want to return and make a different choice if you do not become aware right now.

Become aware and change your future to what you want it to be by choosing how you create, respond and think. Choose thoughts that uplift you, that bring your creativity out because you always get to decide who you are being in every moment.

You don’t have to let your past define you if you choose not to, let the future be what guides you. Choose what you want, then focus on that future and bring it to the present!



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