The art of focus!

Creating a life of excitement and wonder is real art. The artist that creates a lifestyle and a way of being is the true artist, he or she can become new in every way at the blink of an eye.

How they were a moment ago has nothing to do with who they choose to be now. They create the story, the situation it calls for and being in the best one for the job…themselves.

Not the one you expected, but the one they chose. They know life is all about choosing, when you leave choice up to others you will be left with the scrap, with the mediocrity. The zombies will say be grateful, for look how much we have done for you.

It doesn’t have to be that way, you can change it all now by choosing the alternative path. No need to fight the circumstances because that’s just using the focus in a backwards way. No, instead shift your focus to what you want to create and why? You can bring it to life, and create art from who you are.

You either are focusing on what you want and living the life creating the art, life you want or you are avoiding. When you avoid things you are focusing on limits, on what you can’t have and what you fear.

What you focus on expands, if you focus on your problems then you bring more energy to them. If you are doing things just to run away from something else you are actually creating more of the same circumstances in the future for yourself.

Change your attitude is the secret to creating a life you love. When you change your focus you also change your attitude. If your new focus is on creating things you love into this world using your imagination and turning every moment into fun and excitement then you will be creating more enjoyment and happiness in your life.

Your perspective creates your reality and vision in this world. There are infinite number of ways to view something. No one views the same event exactly the same way. If it’s not benefiting you, change your view.

Your state of mind is what creates success. Success is not out there, it is within you right now. You already are a success and nothing you do can change it, you just been focusing on acting with a focus on lack and confusion. Change your focus to create a new lifestyle that you enjoy every moment. Every moment is precious and you decide what you will do with it.

Your attitude is what creates enthusiasm or boredom during any moment. It is up to you to change the present and future. Change your focus from the past to what you want in the future.



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