Refreshing day at the beach

Sometimes the best business idea is to take a day to relax at the beach. When you stop stressing and let your mind relax, that’s when the million dollar ideas hit. When you focus on something while your subconscious mind is free to work on your goal or project.

People get insights everywhere when they let go of the problem, during a walk on the beach, during a shower or waking up from a nap.

The trick is to focus on your project for a certain amount of time, a few hours during the day and then let yourself relax, let go of all thoughts about your business and enjoy your day doing something you love.

Don’t criticise yourself, don’t worry about what will happen in one year from now and discard all fears for the moment. When you are in the present moment all your fears dissipate, because you either deal with the situation, or live in the future or past. The future and past are illusions. The only real moment is the present, the eternal now.

What you spend your time focusing on in the now, you either bring in a new now that you enjoy or one that displeases you and your focus is what creates.

Take time to enjoy your day, to plan for what you want to create, spend your time focusing on what you want to create, instead of solving problems.

There will always be problems to solve, what you want to bring into this world is original and not a copy of someone else. Only you can bring this into reality, so decided to do it and then take action, while enjoying your moments of relaxation.



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