Put yourself first before negativity!

You are more important than any negative thoughts, any worry you have discard it and put yourself first. Put feeling great the most important thing for your life because it is, the better you feel the more you will attract good things to yourself.

Put yourself in front of your fears, you are more important than your fears. Don’t let things put you off from your natural successful self, because you are born successful. You came into the world a winner. You beat one to a trillion odds as they would say. The real odds where 1:1 because it was destined, you were the winner from the beginning.

So be one with nature with everything you do, and the universe will smile on you. When you work together with the universe and the source, things begin working your way. When you have the belief that the universe looks after you amazing things happen, and your assumptions begin to get confirmed.

It all depends on your attention, where are you placing your attention. On things that you want? Do you focus on your fears and worries or do you let them go and focus on your intentions? Where focus goes, reality creation flows from there.

Your present moment is created from all your past focus. The conscious and unconscious, with the unconscious being the powerful unlimited creator. It waits on your instructions for what you want. So be wise and choose something you want to create.

Face what problems you seem to have head on, face your fears head on and they will run away from you! Just like Newtown said a object in motion tends to stay in motion unless a counter force shifts it in the other direction. So if your life is not going in the direction you want, gather your energy and become that counter force and change direction with your perspectives and action!



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Written in Time

Written in Time

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