Closing the door.

Sometimes you need to close the door to the past, to old places you used to frequent. To people from the past, or other memories that just don’t align with who you are. There is no need to bring the past into your awareness if you have moved on.

Move in to your best self, step into that body and forget the negative states. They are not facts, just perspectives you have had at one time long ago. You know you can change your mind anytime you choose to.

Stop delaying the inevitable, which is you succeeding in reality. Things are moving faster yes, and they are lining up for you. For your awakening is happening soon when you choose to tell the mind to stop, and to really see what is around you right now.

Only the present moment is around, but in it you have true power. There is nothing you cannot do in the present moment. Every moment you have experienced was the present moment, but it is in the past now and as you read this words realise you are in the present moment right now.

How will you choose to love? How will you choose to live and what will you close the door to? To your old self, and bring in the new you for the new year! It’s happening in the now, do not lose focus stay in the present.



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